Best wedding photos from 2016

Piney River Ranch

Groomsmen ride in an ATV around a farm near Willow Harbor Vineyards in Three Oaks, Michigan in Spetember.
Megan raises her fake flowers in the air with Bryan by her side after they were pronounced husband and wife during their Rembrandt Yard wedding in Boulder, Colorado.
The bride laughs while struggling to place the ring on the groom's finger
A bride wipes away a tear from her groom's face at a Church in Chicago, Illinois in Spetember.
Joshua and Devan shaire thier first look in Garden of the Gods park near Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs
The sun flares over the couple as they embrace in Boulder near Centennial trailhead
A bride and groom kiss on the LaSalle Street bridge as sunlight flares in July 2016.
Megan and Bryan pose on the staircase of Old Main on the University of Colorado campus before their wedding
A couple embrace together and he kisses her on the cheek outside of the courthouse in Denver, Colorado on before they tie the knot
I couple is refelected in the glass and share a moment together while posing before their wedding outside of Trump Tower in Chicago in August 2016.
A groom is reflected in a parobolic mirror while fixing his hair at a hotel in Chicago.
Megan is reflected in a mirror while having hairspray applied before her wedding in Boulder
A bride to be had hairspray applied before her wedding ceremony at Rembrandt Yard in Boulder
A group of groomsmen help the groom with some ironing while drinking beer inside a hotel in Chicago before the wedding.
The groom and his groomsmen help adjust each others bowtie while getting ready at a condo in the South Loop of Chicago as Willis Tower is seen in the background.
Wedding guests wave their ties in the air while dancing at the reception at Willor Harbor Vineyards in Three Oaks Michigan.
Guests dance at the reception in the west atrium
A bride laughs while her brother goves a toast during the reception at Rembrandt Yard in Boulder
The couple share a laugh while sisters of the bride give a toast at Bridgeport Art Center in Chicago.
Guests dance together during a wedding recption in Chiacgo's west loop at Loft on Lake.
The Bride and groom share their first dance surrounded by glass globes at the reception at Piney River Ranch near Vail, Colorado.
The perfect light flare encapsules the couplse as they embrace for a kiss after their wedding at Loft on Lake in Chicago.
A couple share their first dance at Architectural Artifacts in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois.
A groom waits in a colorful elevator on the way to his wedding in Chicago
A groomsmen does a flip inside a bus on the way to a wedding reception for Kara and Matt in Chicago.
A groomsmen pops a bottle of champagne in a trolly in the way to a wedding reception in Chicago.
A couple walk hand in hand out of a red barn during a portrait session following their first look on a farm near Willow Harbor Vineyards in Three Oaks, Michigan.
The couple shares a moment together outside of Rembrandt Yard in Boulder during twilight
Kara and Matt embrace for a portrait before their wedding at Architectural Artifacts in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago.
Kim and Avram share a hug at a park along the Chicago riverwalk near Trump Tower in Chicago in September.
Matt and Kara share a smile together during a portrait session under Trump Tower and near the Wrigley Building in Chicago in August.
A shaft of light illuminates Bryce and Johnna during a kiss on the cheek outside of Loft on Lake in Chicago.
A happy couple admire the Chicago skyline while standing on the DuSable Bridge at dusk during a portrait session after their wedding.
A couple walk hand in hand on the LaSalle Street Bridge in Chicago on a warm November day.
Caitlin and Matt sneak away for a moment together after their wedding at Willow Harbor Vineyards in Three Oaks, Michigan.
Megan walks down the stairs for the first time in her wedding dress at an Air BnB home in Boulder
Becky adjusts her earrings and flower crown at Piney River Ranch.
The couple share a kiss surrounded by maple leaves in Boulder, Colorado
Devan and Joshua laugh during their first dance at Garden of the Gods Club
A guest break dances on the dance floor during the wedding reception at The Hyatt Lodge in Oak Brook, Illinois.
Bryce breaks the glass as part of the Jewish wedding ceremony at Loft on Lake in the west loop of Chicago.
Jaclyn and Tom react to seeing each other during their first look outside of Trump Tower in August.
The bride dances with guests at the wedding reception at Adler Planetarium in Chicago.
Kara dances through a tunnel of guests during her wedding at Architectural Artifacts in Chicago.
Devan dances with her sisters at Garden of the Gods Club
Bride Jen is seranaded by her serority sisters during her wedding reception at Bridgeport Art Center on the south side of Chicago.
A groom shares a laugh and some beers with his groomsmen before his wedding in November in Chicago.
Megan shares a laugh with her mother while getting dressed with her maid of honor before her wedding in Boulder at Rembrandt Yard
Becky and Brian row in a canoe on Piney Lake during their wedding in September outside of Vail, Colorado.
Samantha and Bill share a moment together during a portrait session before their wedding at the Ivanhoe Club in Illinois.
Johnna and Bryce Kiss on the Kinzie Street Bridge near the Chicago Sun Times before on their wedding day.
Caitlin and Matt kiss during their first look in a barn in Three Oaks, Ilinois before their Willow Harbor Vineyards wedding.

Wow, what a year it was. I’m excited that I get to share with you my best wedding photos from 2016. The end of the year is the perfect time to reflect on everything that I witnessed, experienced and photographed throughout the season. As part of that process, I have narrowed it down to the best 55 images that you see above. It was an agonizing process to select my best wedding photos from 2016 because I was fortunate to work with some amazing couples in breathtaking locations throughout the year. Without the trust of my clients, none these images are possible.

During the year I photographed a couple from a canoe on a mountain lake piloted by a coordinator, mounted a remote camera to an ATV driven by groomsmen, watched a groomsmen flip inside a buss and took hairspray to the eye more times than I can count.

I owe a huge amount of gratitude to everyone involved who allow me to continue to do what I love. Travis is the best partner in crime that I could ask for. We’re each other’s first call when we need a second shooter but more than that we seem to know what the other is thinking which in turn improves the quality for our clients. I also have to thank Trent and Stacy for their help and comedic relief throughout the year. Thank you to all of the planners, coordinators, DJs, officiants, florists and caterers for working together to execute the best day possible for our clients. Most importantly, thank you to my clients and your families because without you none of this would be possible. It was a pleasure to document your weddings near and far.

If the images weren’t enough, here is the year in numbers:

Weddings photographed: 18
Miles flown: 16,984
Miles driven: 1,117
Images taken: 57,574
Emergency bow tie assists: 9
Granola bars eaten: too many to count

I hope you all have a wonderful start to 2017. Cheers!